Let's face it, most diets are B-O-R-I-N-G. They have you eating the same foods over and over and over again, never offering any variety. Basically, you have to go about the diet in one particular way or you might as well forget it.


Now you're looking for something else – something new, something fresh, and something that will actually work for a change.


You see, whether or not you are successful with the mission of losing body fat will come down to about 80% of your dietary effort. You can workout for hours as hard as you like in the gym (which isn't recommended by the way – you should be training smarter, not harder) but despite all this effort, if you haven't dialled in your diet and found a proper nutrition set-up that fosters  fat burning in the body,  you're never going to see the results that you're looking for.


If you want success, diet needs to be a priority.


Now, the big problem with many people is they will start up on a diet and see great results initially, but after a few weeks have passed by, things take a turn for the worse. Either they maintain the diet but it just doesn't produce the same rate of weight loss that it did before because their metabolism has crashed and you're burning off calories at a snail's pace or they fall off the diet due to boredom.

Then, who can really blame you for cheating on a diet such as that with a slice of pizza or burger from your favorite fast food joint? You're sick and tired of chicken breasts and broccoli and any sane human would need a change of pace.


We all crave variety in our lives and our diet is no different. Force yourself to eat the same meals over and over again and you're going to run into problems – there's really no way around that. It really isn't your fault that you've failed on diet attempts such as this.


And most diets use the same food and more often the WRONG food to burn fat!

That’s right, most diets don’t use the right food! How can it be? Well it’s very simple, they just don’t use food that boost metabolism, and don't fight the metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon.

But what is metabolism and Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon? ...


Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon:

Phenomenon that occurs at the point on your diet plan where you body clearly knows precisely what it's getting in terms of food intake and has fully adapted to that. When it reaches this state, that's when fat loss comes to a screeching halt.


The Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon is a frustrating time for any dieter because this is the point where the body has fully adapted to the food intake you're feeding it and slows the metabolism down to match it. When the metabolism slows down, now you'll be burning off just as many calories as you consumed through the diet, hence fat loss will come to a halt. In order to get around the Metabolic Adaptation Phenomenon, you'll have to vary your nutrient intakes regularly, shocking the body as time goes on. This keeps it guessing as to what's coming next and ensures your metabolism stays on high at all times.



The metabolism is, simply put, how many calories you body burns off throughout the day in order to sustain its basic needs. The faster your metabolism is, the more calories you will burn, and hence, the more food you can eat or the faster you will lose weight.

The foods you eat on a daily basis tend to have the largest influence on how many calories you burn throughout the day, so by making the right food choices you can really take one giant step forwards towards the goal of fat loss.


So, if you want to see success with your fat loss program, you need three things.


1. You need a diet that is properly designed with food choices that will continually torch that ugly body fat. You don’t want to a diet that starts off strong only to take a severe nosedive after two weeks and have you suffering from a huge diet plateau.


2. You need a diet that offers enough variety and great tasting foods that you never get bored, are never tempted to come off the diet altogether, and get the fat loss results you deserve!


3. You need a diet that is healthy! Most diets are actually incredibly unhealthy as they severely restrict your food intake and choices, setting you up for a number of nutrient deficiencies that will only set you up for long-term health problems. Instead, you want a diet that maximizes health so you can not only look great, but feel great as well.


Optimized health = optimized metabolism = optimized fat loss!


When you get all of these requirements in line, it seems like magic is happening right before your eyes. Fat loss becomes easier than ever and you actually enjoy the process of losing weight.

No longer do you dread going on your diet because you've realized that you've just found a lifestyle approach that will not only achieve the weight loss you're looking for but then also continue to help you maintain a lean body ovver time.



There are 3 macro-nutrients that are essential to a healthy diet :  Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats.  I’ll also look at one food category that is often overlooked: vegetables!




The very first thing that you absolutely must do if you're going to realize true dietary success is to make sure that you're cooking with nothing but high quality protein sources.

For most people on fat loss diets, they actually believe that their protein intake should come down due to the fact that these foods are often very high in overall calories.

Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. The fact of the matter is when on a fat loss diet, your protein needs actually increase because of the fact that there is a higher chance that your body will start turning to incoming protein as a fuel source.

What's more is that if you aren't taking in sufficient protein that your body needs to cover all its daily maintenance functions then it may start to rob protein from the muscles, bringing those amino acids into the blood.

All in all, falling short in protein is a very bad move.


In fact, it's the one macronutrient that will serve to increase the metabolic rate so that you burn more calories in the hours after consuming it. This is because the body will actually expend a large number of calories just breaking that protein down, therefore increasing your total daily calorie burn.

Finally, protein ranks very high on the satiety factor. If you don't want to deal with hunger while on your fat loss diet program, protein is the type of food that you must be eating. There's no way around this one - protein is top notch for hunger control.

So as you can see, protein is a must-have.


And the best sources of protein? Eggs, chicken and poultry, lean red meat (lean beef or game meat which is a fantastic source of protein), fish, as well as pork are the main ones to turn to. 




One of the most important foods that you must be taking in through your diet plan is low glycemic index carbohydrates. Many people avoid carbohydrates entirely but this is a huge mistake. Not only are carbohydrates important to help keep your metabolism running effectively, but carbohydrates are also going to help to ensure that you have enough overall energy.

But, this said, you need to choose your carbohydrates properly. Low-GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrates are the ones you want to choose, not those overly processed, high-sugar, insulin spiking carbs that most people are eating. Those are ones that you should avoid. Low GI-carbohydrates are the ones that are going to break down and digest slowly in the body, thus they will release a steady stream of energy all day long, rather than providing you with a quick burst of energy and then leaving you with an energy crash where you only want to go and eat more simple carbs again to feel better. So this means making smarter choices for your carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain breads, quinoa, or sweet potatoes, plus plenty of vegetables as well. 


Also important is that you time your carbohydrates properly. If you want to experience the fastest rate of fat loss possible, eat your low GI-carbohydrates earlier on in the day. This ensures that you have energy throughout the daily hours and that you can burn off all the calories before you go to bed at night. If you eat carbohydrates later on in the evening or before bed when you require very little energy, your body will have a higher chance of storing this as body fat, thus moving you further away from your goal.

When eaten and timed properly, carbohydrates are definitely not the enemy.





We know, you probably saw the word ‘’fats’’ and became mortally frightened. Fat is not generally thought of as a nice word, especially if one is trying to drop some extra pounds.

However, your body needs fat to burn fat. Yes that’s right! Any person who neglects their intake of fat will not go very far with their fat loss goals. If you want to see maximum results, you have to include the good fats in your diet plan.

The important thing to remember is that good fats are needed by your body to remain health and to function at optimal levels. Healthy fats are heavily involved in maintaining a healthy metabolic rate and will influence how well your thyroid gland functions.

Since your thyroid gland is the 'master regulator' gland of your metabolism, the more efficiently it's running, the more calories you will burn.

In addition to this, having healthy fats in the diet will improve the way your body reacts to the carbohydrate-rich foods you consume, making sure that they are used for energy purposes rather than being stored as body fat.

This means that healthy fats in the diet are actually necessary so that you can burn fat, going directly against what most people think.   Finally, healthy fats are also going to be vital for keeping your hunger levels lower, which is essential for maintaining a reduced calorie diet. All in all, including moderate levels of healthy fats in the diet will keep your metabolism healthy, helping provide nourishment for the body so you can work hard during your workout sessions to see faster fat loss, and will make your entire diet plan that much more enjoyable.


Finally, healthy fats are also going to be vital for keeping your hunger levels lower, which is essential for maintaining a reduced calorie diet. ​ Fats can come from various sources (see chart below) but a great way to get good fats in your body is to start cooking with the right oils. ​​​​​




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