The danger of Social media Experts

In recent weeks due to Coronavirus outbreak we have noticed the raise of fitness experts on youtube or on Instagram.

Indeed now that we are quarantined it seems like this is the only option to keep moving in the space of our homes or gardens (for the lucky ones).

I would like though warn you of danger that can go with so called “online fitness experts” who manage to build a huge social media following. There is no proof whatsoever regarding they coaching experience however it seems like they are using they platform to sell their programs.

Do not get me wrong, it is possible to do a good job with online coaching. Nevertheless it is very hard and it requires a lot of experience and discipline.

You are probably wonder why. Well during a normal training session as a coach I can identify a problem and find solution to it by showing and directing you, by adjusting my program, exercises. To do the same thing online is much harder. It is even much harder if I sell a training program to someone I have not seen or evaluated and without checking on his progress or movement execution.

Therefore before starting online coaching one need acquire a lot of experience in order to be able to indetify all the possible outcomes and consequences and even show the solution how to fix the possible issues.

There are a lot lot great looking people now. The girl with fantastic abs attracts a lot of people who dream about having the same body as hers. Now the tricky part is that buying an online program just because you like the person look like does not guarantee that the program you bought will hale you achieve the same results. How?

Well my training program can work on me but it doesn’t mean that everybody will achieve the same results as we all are different. So it will probably work on some of you.

As a coach I should know recognise my client’s issue and struggles and adjust his exercise regime to his ability and limitation.

Now to understand that you need a lot of experience as working with a lot of people give you an insight of diffrent responses, diffrent gens and obstacles.

To resume I do encourage people to move every singe day possible. However if you need a guidance please do the research before buying a program from the first Social media star who looks outrageously fantastic.

Believe me when I say that under the supervision of someone with real experience the results can be seen without any danger to your health. Like in every other domain of our lives a fake expert can do more damage that good.

Stay safe and take your time before you throw yourself into fitness fever online :)


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