About Me



All my life I have had a passion for sports in fitness. Since I was a little girl I been involved in sports. Like most young little girls I started dancing and playing tennis when I was 5 years old. This was my great passion in life for many years. In resent years I developed a love for power weight lifting participating in weight and power lifting competitions. I also participate as player and the athletic training coach for women’s American Football team.


In 2008 I decided to leave my career in international health insurance, to pursue my passions in life. My passion for health, fitness and functional strength has motivated me to spend years acquiring education in the fitness industry. As a result I am a qualified personal & athletic trainer and I have wealth knowledge of nutrition issues. 


Over the years I continue to study increase my understanding of the training systems, in order to stay up to date different approaches and rehabilitative work. I strive to incorporate new methods of training.


I believe that we are all born and non-discovered athletes. Step by step we can all become better and overcome our weaknesses.


Whether you're an athlete looking to improve your event performance, someone trying to get fit or loose weight, or you were injured and you would like to start to exercise let us meet and talk about it.


If you commit to me, I guarantee results. So if you're ready to stop making the excuses or chasing a quick fix and want to change your lifestyle to achieve lasting results, then I'm your trainer!