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Hello everyone my name is Justine Williams. I am a DEJEPS certified perosnal trainer. For a number of years now I have been working as an athletic trainer, and over those years I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experietise in the field of personal training.


My clients range from ameatuer and professional athletes, seniors, young profesionals too someone who is looking to take that first step into health and fitness world. 


I also work in injury rehablitation, recovery. As well strength cognative mobliity training for people suffering from degenrative disease. Point being I am flexible, I know that every client of us is diffrent and that personal training is about understaning our individual goals and building a program that fits our needs.


My personal training service exeteeds to the greater Paris region. So have a look find good advices for exercicing, health information, healthy recipes ... and book a trial seesion with me !!! 

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